Friday, March 24, 2023

What to Do?

A conundrum.

Returning from the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, I passed through Siloam and stopped to pick up a few items from Walmart. While looking at rock star t-shirts marked down to manageable prices, I happened to spot a seven-pack of men's socks with the Pink Floyd logo. It was too much to resist and since they were on sale at $5.69, I tossed them in my basket.

I've been wearing them. What I immediately noticed was that the colors in the logo -- which depicts a prism refracting a beam of light into separated colors -- are similar to the gay rainbow flag. So now, I sort of regret purchasing the socks because I wouldn't want people to think I supported that sort of thing; yet, I'm still a big Pink Floyd fan.

Now, it's not likely anyone will ever see my socks in any case. Should I remain true to my beloved eclectic space blues or make a statement by boycotting my new socks?

That is the question. Outside this blog post, no one will ever know. You, as always, are free to leave your opinion in the Comments section.